Honor Titus is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Los Angeles, CA (b. 1989/NYC.)

Garnering attention for his youthful punk rock endeavours in outfit “Cerebral Ballzy,” Honor traveled extensively and lead a nomadic (and oftentimes erratic) existence. In NYC, Honor held poetry readings and events that quickly gained noteriety. Through the initial efforts of his band, Honor connected with Raymond Pettibon (who provided the cover art for their self-titled debut.) When not touring, Honor would assist Raymond and thus provided Honor a romance with a new medium.

Since his relocation to Los Angeles (2016) Honor has been diligent in creating new visual work, all with quick demand for his catalogue.  

Honor Titus creates “fragmented street scenes” employing a myriad of influence, whether it be jazz music, memory, literature, architecture, or advertisement.  The isolation and romance of the cities he’s inhabited and frequented (New York City, London, Paris, and now Los Angeles) are constant motifs.

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